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Fracking and Water Scarcity

With global energy demands rising, water is becoming a more precious resource by the day, and fracking threatens its supply in more ways than one.
By Joshua Pringle.


Rwanda: 20th Anniversary of the Genocide

Rwandans should be proud of the immense progress they have made since the genocide, but economic inequality and political abuses still plague the country. By Derick Wolf.


Jordan's Energy Policy Key to Its Economy

With Syria in crisis and Egypt in flux, Jordan is being forced to adopt energy policies that put the country on a path to sustainable development. By Antonia Dimou.


Israel and Palestine: A Bi-National Solution

Two decades of failed negotiations, perpetual conflict and an expanded occupation should encourage an alternative to the two-state solution. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Afghanistan's Upcoming Presidential Elections

On April 5, the Afghan people will vote in the country's third-ever presidential elections, but corruption and security pose significant obstacles. By Djeyhoun Ostowar.


Viewpoints: Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests

As protests have expanded in Venezuela this month, state security forces have used excessive force on protestors while cracking down on the press and the opposition.


Syria: the Misnomer of 'Combating Terrorism'

In Syria and across the Middle East, every actor embroiled in conflict is considered a terrorist by someone, making resolutions exceedingly difficult to achieve. By Laurelle Atkinson.

Middle East

Viewpoints: Saudi Arabia's Geopolitical Maneuvers

Syria: Interview with Richard Gowan

Joshua Pringle

Egypt: Interview with Zachary Lockman

Joshua Pringle



Viewpoints: Ukraine's East-West Tug-of-War

Ukraine Protests: Euromaidan Has Real Potential

Ivan Verstyuk

Religion in Eastern Europe

Ivan Verstyuk



Viewpoints: Thailand's State of Emergency

The International Criminal Court in Afghanistan

Djeyhoun Ostowar

Bo Xilai: Anti-Corruption Failure in China

Sun Xi



Nicaragua Strengthens Economic Ties with Europe

Peter Tase

Tapping into Latin America's Oil

Hari Seshasayee

Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications: Interview with Michael Klare

James Stafford



Nelson Mandela: The Global Icon Goes Home

Chinua Akukwe

Zimbabwe Food Security Threatened by Tobacco

Stephen Tsoroti

DR Congo's Silent Ordeal

Ruby Pratka



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